Shaw Advantage System

Shaw Advantage System

Dry Bond Carpet Installation System

Shaw Controls:

  • Advantage System for Reduced Downtime
  • Delivered in efficient, easy to handle rolls.
  • Installs with a simple two step peel- and-stick anchoring process.
  • Eliminates the mess, curing time and odors of wet adhesives allowing immediate occupancy.
  • Ideal for use in occupied space.
  • Engineered to work with vertical installation technology – minimizing furniture and systems removal.
  • Easily removed – easily installed for convenient selective replacement.
  • Releasable properties allow for quick convenient repair of damages areas.

Advantage System is ideal for facility refurbishment in occupied space, temporary installation (trade shows) and retaining original floors (historical floors). Totally free from detectable VOC’s and troublesome odors, it allows immediate occupancy, reducing costly down-time. Perfect for use with vertical installation technology and modular carpet products.

Steve's Flooring does not carry every style of product. Check with them first about a particular product or to see if your product choice is available for special order.

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Shaw Contract Flooring

A part of Shaw Specified Commercial, Shaw Contract features broadloom products designed for evolving corporate environments.

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